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FCCPA in Action

In order to fulfill our mission, our association supports the following:

  1. Maintains an interactive map of the Fairfax County Cemeteries, CLICK HERE
  2. Sponsors cemetery cleanups and cleaning of grave markers (have supported over 30 Eagle Scout projects)
  3. Members present talks on preservation and history of cemeteries
  4. Participates in county historical events (Fairfax County 275th anniversary celebration)
  5. Communicates with local and state officials about cemetery preservation
  6. Conducts cemetery surveys
  7. Coordinates with librarians on updates of cemetery records
  8. Responds to queries about local cemeteries and/or burials
  9. Responds to cemeteries in crisis communications
  10. Provides tours of historic cemeteries
  11. Provides demonstrations of cleaning of grave markers
  12. Presents programs on how to research family information
  13. Educates the community about the Virginia Code of law regarding cemeteries
  14. Educates the community about the preservation of cemeteries and markers
  15. Educates the community about the historical importance of cemeteries
  16. Researches and creates databases on Fairfax County war veterans
  17. Distributes a newsletter
  18. Maintains a website
  19. Supports adopt a cemetery program