On a dreary day in April, a FCCPA member led interested  Oakton residents in surveying the Fox  Family cemetery. An old, deteriorating fence  surrounded the cemetery, which was located on a slight hill on Full Cry Court.  The surveyors  found  a mixture of commercial grave markers and neat rows of head and foot field stones. One hand carved marker was face down in the earth. It had been broken, but what was left of its inscription read ” April 2 1883.”  A neighbor informed us that family members, who still live in the area, tend to the cemetery. Further research found that in 1764, Amos Fox, originally from New Jersey, purchased 1000 acres of land in what is today Oakton, Virginia.  His family were farmers and later descendants engaged in politcs. During the 20th Century, Amos’ great grandson, William H. Fox, served on the School Board, and William’s son , Maurice, was a member of the County Board of Supervisors.

Photos of Fox Family Cemetery

County Survey Record