This cemetery, located at 1010 Lynn St., Vienna, Virginia, is one of two in Fairfax County with this name.

An email request was received through the FCCPA website wherein the writer sought help in returning a statue to the cemetery. Years ago a relative had taken the statue from the cemetery for safe-keeping. The cemetery was subject to vandalism at the time. The FCCPA member researched and visited the cemetery. The cemetery, which is surrounded by a stone wall and sits on a knoll, was found to be in good condition. After making inquiries to the community of Vienna, advice was sent to the family member to mail the statue back and FCCPA will supervise its replacement in the cemetery.

Dr. James Hunter, his wife Sarah and possibly some children are buried in the cemetery. James Hunter was the first doctor for Vienna. Sarah was the daughter of the seventh Lord Fairfax. Ida I. Hunter Van Dachenhausen , the grandniece of James Hunter, is buried outside of the cemetery. A local newspaper reported that Ida died just before her marriage and is buried in her wedding dress.

Photos of Hunter Family Cemetery
County Survey Record

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